Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Full Crib

Right now it seems that most reborn artist are in a lull, including me. After getting used to my babies selling so quickly, it seems strange having a crib full. I suppose most are choosing vacations over reborns - go figure ;)
I belong to a couple of reborn forums and everyone is saying the same - very few sales this month. Of course Christmas is 6 months away and more than likely it will pick up again by early September and maybe even August. The last 3 months of 2016 my babies were practically flying out of here. 

I have adopted out 6 this month (June) so I am not complaining. Three of those were layaways but they still count. 
These are babies that have been adopted out - 


Then there are those still waiting - 
Sleeping Kimberly

Sunday, June 4, 2017

My Downs Syndrome Reborn

This has been like my dream reborn to create. I have wanted to do a Down Syndrome kit since I started reborning. It was a toss up between Pebbles and Vincent - I went with Pebbles. She is adorable. 
I didn't know what kind of reactions I would get but once I posted her to my Facebook page (both personal and reborn) there has been nothing but positive. In fact, I believe I have had more comments with this one than any other so far. That makes me very happy I chose to make her.

I would really like to do another with blonde curls and I hope to someday,  just another reason to get my rooting skills down this summer. I think she still looks pretty cute with painted hair. As you can see she makes a sweet looking girl or boy.

My First Craft & Vendor Market

I finally got to participate in my first Craft & Vendor Market - I am so glad I did but I will not be doing so again until Fall or I find an indoor market. I am too much of a wimp and can't take the heat! My babies can't either. I worried the whole time if they were getting too hot and the eyelashes were getting a little limp on one of my babies. I don't worry with hand rooted eyelashes but the falsies are glued on so the glue can get a little sticky in the heat. It wasn't that it was really that bad hot, but the humidity was horrible. 

Anyway - I went in knowing that I most likely would not make a sale -  most people do not expect to spend over $150 at a whack when going to those type of places BUT I did get plenty of exposure which was my intentions. I gave out plenty of business cards and several people asked to hold one of the babies. I answered a lot of questions and after all was said and done I only had 2 people say they were "creepy". Not bad! Not a single person walked by that didn't make a comment about how real they looked. I took 4 babies with me - Kameko, Grant, Kimberly & Amber. I think Kimberly got the most lovin' on but every one was impressed with Grant's size. I was able to explain some of the reasons people adopt reborn baby dolls such as for dementia therapy, grief therapy or they just want a baby doll to hold. There are dozens of reasons that people want them, but I was not really prepared for one man who kept coming to my booth and making comments about how creepy they look, how real they look, etc and he kept telling me he would love to have one. After the 3rd time it was obvious he wanted me to ask him why he wanted one if they looked so creepy and he couldn't wait to tell me. He said he would love to tie one in a carseat to his bumper and drive down the highway just to watch peoples reactions or leave it in the car and sit back and watch people try to "save the baby".  Weirdo!  He also asked if I would just sell a few body parts since he couldn't afford a "whole doll". Of course I said no!

I had a 10 x 10 spot down the middle of the pavilion so that was pretty good, I think. 
I had 2 photo  albums full of babies that I have made and adopted out. I also took a couple of blank parts (head, limbs) to show how they look before I start painting and baking. I had a small bag of the fine glass beads and polyfil, as well. 

It was a good day (other than the creepy weirdo) and I feel like I accomplished what I set out to and that was to make people aware of my Reborn art and hopefully they will remember me when they have a birthday or Christmas gift to purchase in the future!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Before & After

I thought it would be pretty cool to see some before and after photos of the Reborns I have done. I took a count this past week of my completed babies and I have completed 79 as of this date. (4/25/17) and have 2 about a third of the way done, which are customs for someone in Australia. 

In these pictures I am showing the sculpt of the head as it comes to me and in the other is a finished baby. They do not come with eyes, body or weighting material. In the ones where eyes are being shown, this is not how I get them. Those were just for the purpose of showing how they will look with eyes.

Friday, April 7, 2017

My First Reborn Orangutan

The Orangutan is a couple inches smaller than the Gorilla - but equally cute, in my opinion (maybe even a little cuter. I made these banana bottles today - not my idea - I believe I saw them on Etsy. It is just a styrofoam banana that I picked up at Hobby Lobby - cut it in half and hot glued the bottle nipple on it. Simple as that. It makes a cute prop.
*Update - sold for $145 and going to Idaho.