Friday, November 17, 2017

My First (Reborn) Toddler

I have made my first toddler baby and she is my keeper baby. She is the Ella Mae sculpt and is 26 inches tall. 

This is her before I got her wig. My husband actually likes her better bald -

 Here she is complete - cutie patootie.

I knew her middle name was going to be Elizabeth - I actually let my husband pick out the middle name - but took me a bit to decide on her first name. My top choices were -


So after much thought - I have chosen her name and it is...Ivy Elizabeth

DOB:  November 12th
Weight: 10 pounds 1 ounce

Thursday, November 2, 2017

More Twins

Seems I have been asked to do a lot of twins lately! They are so much fun to do - there are quite a few twin kits out there but the ones I have been doing are the same kits x 2. I have quite a few of the actual twin kits in my stash, but so far I have just been doing doubles. (Which is fine).

 My newest set of Natalie twins - being adopted as twin boys:

Set of Maddox twins - these are anatomically correct boys - 

This set of Gena twins  - boy and girl

My first set of Avery AA Twins - both girls

and my very first set of twins - which I made for my mom from the Jewel kit. Also boy and girl

I really do enjoy doing them as sets of twins. Maybe one of these days I will make a set of triplets!!

Friday, September 29, 2017

My Commercial Baby!

This sweet little one is now in Canada shooting her first commercial! I can't wait to see the end results. All I know about the commercial is that it is for the Wall Street Journal. So exciting! I had to over night her  with FedEx and they paid a hefty amount to get here there in time to begin the shoot. ( almost as much as they paid for her!) I have been promised a link to the commercial once it is completed and that should be within 2 - 3 months. I will certainly share as soon as I can!


Available Littles at the Moment

Christmas is coming and so I am filling up the crib! Some of these are pending but wanted to share anyway.

Maddox twins - they can be separated


Moritz - sold out limited edition (as a girl)

Moritz - sold out limited edition (as a boy)

Lillian - pending completion of payment

Preemie Thomas

My New DOLL HOUSE/Workshop

I know, it has been awhile! I don't even have an excuse for it - just life, I guess.

I am so excited to have my workshop finished. It is the cutest. We bought one of those little sheds from Lowe's  - this one is 12 x 8 x 8. Brad put in an air conditioner - it has great lighting - and it is just so much better than tying up a bedroom in the house. I was always worried about the vinyl baking and not enough ventilation - so now I can just sit my oven right outside the door on a little table as needed. 

 I need a little bench to sit out in front - I have since added a welcome mat and a bucket of flowers. I think a little window box of flowers would be cute, too.
The following pictures were taken before the ceiling was finished with sheetrock or curtain added.

My cute elephant print curtain I made. 
 We had it put together by Lowe's professionals but my husband did the sheetrock inside, cut out another window for AC and did all the painting. He is making me a sign with my nursery name to add to the outside.

I love it!