Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thrift Treasure

Oh, today I hit the jackpot. I have a thrift store that I love to go to on the weekends and that is where I buy most of my Reborn clothing to send with the adopted babies. Each week a different color tag is 50% off and another tag is 35% off. I try to stay with the sale colors unless it is an exceptional bargain.I have bought so many "like new" and "new with tags" it's crazy.

Today I did my usual treasure hunt - I have a system - I go to the socks, hats and bibs first - then I slide over to the 2 piece items - cute dresses with bloomers and such. After that I head over  to the blankets. All babies are wrapped in blankets when I send them to new homes and I am always finding beautiful ones. Then my favorite part - the sleepers and lastly the onesies. Oh - and while I am at the blankets I look over the stuffed animals (I have found a mint condition Cabbage Patch Doll so I am always on the look out for another!)

So generally my husband drops me off and he heads over to Lowes or Home Depot  and then I call him when I am ready for him to pick my up - I take my time (which he loves) and can easily spend an hour and half. Today when I was finished treasure hunting I texted Brad to let him know I was ready - but got no response. Then I look up and there he is - trying to pull one on me - he had been there for quite some time stalking me. (lol he is cute that way) 

Anyway - we get ready to check out and he spots this beautiful vintage baby carriage (or pram, as the British say) and commented I should get it - I looked at the price and although it wasn't too awfully bad high - I told him no - I would wait until the color tag on it was half price - and I kind of know the rotation so I figured it would be the following weekend. He kept saying I should get it - I stood firm and paid for my items. We got in the car and I decided to google vintage baby carriages and we were almost home and I told him to TURN AROUND - OH MY GOSH - it was a steal according to all I was seeing and reading on google!! So turn around we did and I paid the ticket and was just so excited I couldn't stand it! It is in MINT condition, people! MINT! I love it. I am still not sure what year it is from but I am guessing 1950ish.

Of course Brad kept telling me how I would have been sick had we gone back and it was gone - and he was right. I am not one to pay full price for hardly anything - but at full price - it was about a fourth of the value.

I can't imagine dropping off something so pretty at a thrift store - not wanting it any more and just discarding it. Who does that? Obviously the person didn't know the value of such a piece. 

So - it is in our study - with a reborn baby in it. I plan to use it to display babies  at craft/vendor shows sometimes - and I am just thrilled beyond words at this gorgeous find.

So glad Brad chose today to come "stalk" me at the thrift store!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

What's Happening In The Crib

So - who do we have looking for a new home? Let's see...

Maikey (limited edition #1 out of 150)
Sleeping Logan


Things Are Looking Up!

The lull did not last but a minute. Thank goodness! Although I do have a crib full at the moment, that's good - because once people get into the holiday spirit - it is on! I need to get ahead and have a nursery full. With it being summer I have had much more time, but that will soon come to an end. I start back to work August 7th. (Boo Hiss!)

So - playing catch up once again  - these are the babies that have been adopted over the summer. Some were made over the summer and some in the spring.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Full Crib

Right now it seems that most reborn artist are in a lull, including me. After getting used to my babies selling so quickly, it seems strange having a crib full. I suppose most are choosing vacations over reborns - go figure ;)
I belong to a couple of reborn forums and everyone is saying the same - very few sales this month. Of course Christmas is 6 months away and more than likely it will pick up again by early September and maybe even August. The last 3 months of 2016 my babies were practically flying out of here. 

I have adopted out 6 this month (June) so I am not complaining. Three of those were layaways but they still count. 
These are babies that have been adopted out - 


Then there are those still waiting - 
Sleeping Kimberly

Sunday, June 4, 2017

My Downs Syndrome Reborn

This has been like my dream reborn to create. I have wanted to do a Down Syndrome kit since I started reborning. It was a toss up between Pebbles and Vincent - I went with Pebbles. She is adorable. 
I didn't know what kind of reactions I would get but once I posted her to my Facebook page (both personal and reborn) there has been nothing but positive. In fact, I believe I have had more comments with this one than any other so far. That makes me very happy I chose to make her.

I would really like to do another with blonde curls and I hope to someday,  just another reason to get my rooting skills down this summer. I think she still looks pretty cute with painted hair. As you can see she makes a sweet looking girl or boy.